You don’t need a website, you need a lead generation site

Lead Generation
You don't need a website, you need a lead generation site

You don’t need a website, you need a lead generation site

So what’s the difference I hear you say. Well a website looks good but a lead generation web site is designed to do 3 things.

  • Capture your customers details
  • Grow your business
  • AND it looks good.

Any website is a great way to get your business seen online and tell customers what you have to offer. However, you need to engage these visitors, speak to them and stay in contact with them so visitors become customers, then customers become loyal customers and loyal customers become referring customers.

Having a super flashy website might bring people in to have a look at your site but ultimately you will be looking to get a good return on your investment.

Our websites are not only designed to look impressive and function to the best possible standard (W3C web standards and work on ipads and smart phones) but also provide you with a good return on investment and grow your business. After all you want your business to do well.

You need something on your website to capture peoples email address, at the very least. This will enable you to contact them with information and offers that they will want.

‘It’s not easy to get people to hand over their email addresses’ you might be thinking. There is a way, an easy way. You need to offer people something that they will find useful in return for their email address.

Perhaps you could offer a free report. Like the

FREE 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes That Can KILL The Sales And Profits In Your Business REPORT

or provide information about your service, product or even secrets from your industry. This will encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. You could also give people reasons why they need to sign up for the newsletter.

Once they have your report they can be added to your email list and you will be ready to market to them all the information and deals that you have to offer. You need to provide them value however. You shouldn’t just send them promotions and discounts. Offer them things they are interested in and provides helpful information.

Consider the more details you collect from people the more targeted your marketing can be but don’t ask for too much information or people will be put off filling the form in.

The next post I do will cover what to include in the emails that you will be sending people and how you go about it all without annoying them.

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You don't need a website, you need a lead generation site
This is a great way to build a list of people who are interested in hearing what you have to say.
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