What to include in your emails to customers

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What to include in your emails to customers

What to include in your emails to customers

If you have started building a list of customers that want to hear from you – well done.

You are well ahead of the game!

These people have signed up to your lists and perhaps you have offered them a FREE report or implemented some of the other things we discussed about 7 Great ways to grow your email list for FREE 

What will your subscribers want from you? 

Well, let’s start with good content. People like to get good, free information. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t want to give away all of your best tips and advice. If you don’t do it then someone else will so you want to be ahead of the curve on this one. By telling people as much as you can you help establish yourself as a pro.

How often should you send the emails? 

This is always a common question. You don’t want to send emails every day. You will only annoy people if you do and they will end up unsubscribing from your email list. You want to spread the emails around so you don’t bombard people.

One email, every 4 – 7 days is a great way to get your message out there in a steady flow. I tend to favour every 7 days as it allows people time to digest your emails and as people are creatures of habit, chances are they will be at their computer the same time next week.

Won’t that take ages? 

Not at all. In fact running a successful email campaign is pretty straight forward. There are plenty of email services that ensure you comply with all of the legal requirements when setting up an email campaign. You will also be able to set up auto responders so people get emails based on the time that they sign up to the newsletter. You will need to make sure you choose a reliable one without additional hidden charges.

You also have the chance to email everyone on your list with time sensitive offers.

What should you include in the emails? 

You want to be offering people great content. Something that people can learn from and will want to share.

You can always offer people your products and discounts if they buy from you but you don’t want to do this too often! If you keep asking people to buy your products or services they will get fed up.

People want information about the things they are interested in.

If you want to sell things I would recommend you use an 80/20 split approach. 80% of the emails should be information and 20% (or less) sales. You don’t want to bombard people with offers but you do want to offer them information that they will appreciate.

How do I speak to people in emails? 

Keep it light hearted and easy to read. Avoid long paragraphs and type as if you were talking to a friend.

If you are casual enough people will think you are taking time out to email them specifically. I have even had people email off the back of an automated email thanking me for the great content.

Sign it off from you as that will be a nice personal touch other than just using the company name.

This should provide you with a great way to get started with your email campaigns.

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