Review: Gary Halbert – Emails

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Review: Gary Halbert – Emails

Review: Gary Halbert – Emails

This is THE MAN when it comes to copywriting. Gary has lost more money testing the water with copywriting then most people get to keep. Unfortunately Gary is no longer with us but his sons carry on his legacy by offering us his advice and documented knowledge, for FREE.

Gary Halbert

You can sign up to his newsletters and get all of this info right to your inbox. So you can just sit there and absorb the vast amount info. All you need is the time to take this on board. There is A LOT.

Gary really understood the requirement of his audience and he shares this info with you. There are great insights in to how people’s minds work and how you can use this to your advantage.

One such example is how most people organise their mail in piles of priority, without even thinking. Each section is broken into:

  • A letter with ‘to the occupier’ on
  • A letter with your name on
  • A hand written letter with your name on

Which one gets the attention first? The hand written letter with your name on.  So that’s how you get to the top of their attention list.

OK, things have changed a bit since this technique was first used but the principle is still the same.


Attention – Grab their attention

Interest – Get them interested in what you have

Desire – Create a desire in what you are offering

Action – tell them what they need to do to get it

This principle is still apparent and can be seen in effective websites and TV adverts.

Gary also offers you advice on the headings, content and how you can really offer the potential customer not just what they want but MORE than what they want, then over deliver and you will have a very happy customer that might even come back.

His emails are easy to read and very addictive and if you are like me then soon you will be reading everything that you can find that he has put his name to.

Having spent much of his time working out what elements of copywriting work and those that don’t, you will find yourself having more time AND money by following his advice. He has tried A LOT of different things and these are all elements that YOU can use in your marketing and more importantly use to engage your customers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Feel free to add any comments below.

Martin McIver


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Review: Gary Halbert – Emails
Learn from the master of copy writing - Gary Halbert. You must read this to increase sales.
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