FREE Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

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FREE Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

FREE Marketing Tips for Estate Agents

The competition for estate agents is fierce. It’s not just about getting properties on your books but it’s all about generating those genuine leads. One sale can be worth thousands of pounds so you need to stay ahead of your competition. With the ever changing landscape of the internet nothing is safe so what can you do to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and future proof your business?

I’ve put some ideas together on what you could do to increase leads for your business. There is probably a lot of potential for leads compared to what you have done in the past and what you are looking to achieve. These ideas which are here on this blog aren’t being fully utilized by a lot of estate agents in their marketing plans, so this could be a real winner for you.

The following ideas are based on generating leads from people looking to buy a new property although they can be adapted to people looking for any other service you wish to promote.

Video Marketing listings for each property

Each property you acquire for your books should have an individual video made promoting the property. This will help with your search engine presence as Google is favouring videos in their listings more than ever. The video should be distributed across several networks to increase exposure. Then each page will be driven by Call To Actions (CTA’s) leading visitors to contact you which can then be followed up by yourself. This will allow you or a member of your team to find out more about the perspective buyer or seller and make initial contact.

Email sign up form

This is one of the best ways and provides the best ROI (Return on Investment) for lead generation. You could offer people something in exchange for their email address such as a guide on how to get the best price for their property and then once they have been signed up then you can follow up all leads over the phone. The signing up and sending out of the guide can all be automated so it’s no additional work for you and the team.


Search Engine Optimisation could be generating you plenty of local leads. If each page that you create targets a local area using the correct keywords you could be appearing in the eyes of the people looking for your services. This alongside the email sign up form is a powerful tool to get the best leads which you can follow up. It’s important that you chase up the leads while they are hot though.

Pay Per Click is another great way to help drive traffic to your website. If you don’t know what you’re doing it could be quite costly, so consider that when setting up a PPC campaign. Choosing the correct keywords to target is essential. Some people choose to click on the adverts at the top and the side of Google so a presence there could be very handy for generating traffic to the site and again using the email sign up form to get those contact details of your potential customers.

If you only go for one of these options then the Email sign up would be the most powerful tool to generate leads for your property business.

Obviously each lead which is generated is highly targeted and could be worth thousands of pounds to you.

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