7 Effective Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

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7 Effective Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

7 Effective Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

For many personal trainers January can be an exciting time. With the new year on the door step and many people looking to get into shape then there is a lot of opportunity to help grow their business. Yet we all know too well that plenty of those who want to start the new year getting fit won’t make it to February so new client acquisition for personal trainers needs to be long term.

Having worked along side personal trainers, both helping their business and being trained by them I have pulled together a few resources which will not only help you target the correct customers but also bring you interest long term.


If you already have a website then you should have analytics on the site. Google provides a free analytical software: http://www.google.com/analytics. This will help you understand what your customers are looking for when they come to your site. It also gives you an idea of the pages which need to be changed if they have an excessively high bounce rate.  I’d start by adding ‘goals’ to the contact button. This will allow you to understand who is coming to your site and who is contacting you. Once you understand the keywords which are driving the best leads then you will be able to expand your efforts in a more efficient way.


Inbound links are a key factor for any website. The higher quality of the links which are pointing to your website the more likely you are to receive quality and relevant traffic. There are two ways in which you can obtain great links to your site. you can go and ask people to link to your site (this is long winded and soul destroying) or you can write great original and engaging content and suggest that people share that content with their readers and friends. This is much more efficient and the additional content will help attract more traffic to the site.


If you are looking for a quick turn around then PPC (Pay Per Click) is one option. This is where you pay Google each time someone clicks on on of your adverts. This is ideal as you only pay for the traffic you get. but you need to remember that just because people visit your site doesn’t mean they’ll spend money with you. This will also only work as long as you are willing to spend the money to get the traffic to the site to start with.

One great things about PPC is you are able to target people based on their location. Just like anything, you will need to track the adverts to see how efficient they really are and whether they are worth doing long term. If you create landing pages for each keyword which you target this will help with your relevancy score and should keep the costs down.

Data Capture

At every point on your website we should try and capture peoples email addresses with a sign up form and then re-market to them with different emails and promotions which should lead them to become clients. I would suggest offering people something other than ‘offers’. Perhaps a ‘7 high fat foods to avoid’ as an ebook. This will enable you to get peoples emil address and generate leads from those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. It will also be worth while suggesting people sign up to the free newsletter at the end of every blog post that you write and include it in the footer of your emails aswell.

Current Marketing and Clients

To market a site a little more efficiently you will need to know the following: Where are the most successful leads coming from at the moment. Who is a typical client? Profession? Income? Age range? Male or female? This will help you understand when potential new clients might be hanging out.

Ideally you will also need to work out what the life time profit of that customer is. So out of the personal training package of £660 how much is that profit? Is there equipment hire or is all of that profit?

You might be able to work along side other businesses which might be able to provide you with referrals. For example you could target local:  chiropractors, nutritionists, doctors, or even sports clubs. These will help you network and get in touch with people which will need your services.


Reviews are vital to a consumers buying process. You might have seen more and more adverts on the telly showing their feedback score or customer reviews, well get your clients to review you. It is possible to allow your clients to only leave positive feedback about the work that you’ve done and how happy they are with the outcome – this can all be done with email marketing. These can be fed to a third party site which will help with customer acquisition.

I have worked with some people who train celebrities so I always suggest getting celebrity endorsements in place as they  help massively. They don’t even have to be A listers. Just people that you can feature on the site or interview. Maybe start small with the captain of a rugby team you have worked with. There are also avenues to go down with video marketing which you could also use as content for the newsletter and site.

Shout about people you have worked with. Add their team logos to your site then linking those logos to a page about that project. Talk about what the client wanted and the outcome and target keywords designed for that industry such as Hockey or Rugby. This will not only help with long tail in SEO but also help with landing pages if you decide to do PPC. It will be worth while getting quotes from these people too as this will help with new client take on.


Content across the site is vital and will not only help drive traffic but will also increase customer engagement. But what content should you add? Well, it needs to be relevant. After researching several popular and reoccurring themes in the fitness sector it will be worth while looking to add content on the site for the following topics (the titles have been modified to be more appealing to the reader):

  • Lacking motivation
  • Cardio vs Weight training
  • Weight loss surgery
  • 7 fat burning exercises
  • Secrets to a flat stomach
  • Effective Fat burning tips
  • Foods that help burn fat
  • Fitness tips for beginners
  • Ideal body fat percentage

If you add all of these to the site you are also able to lead people back to your website if you refer to them in the newsletter they sign up to.

It will also be worth adding any qualifications you have across the site. You need to show people you are experienced and qualified. People don’t want to go looking for that information.


Your main focus should be providing more targeted content that people are looking for. as well as a push on email capture, joint ventures, reviewing what’s worked in the past, effective link building and possible PPC (region specific). If you just select one of these I would recommend email capture. The conversion rate is far higher than any of the others and you able to build a relationship with these customers and not just drive a one time deal with them.

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