10 Menu Tips for Increased Profit

10 Menu Tips for Increased Profit

10 Menu Tips for Increased Profit

So you own a restaurant. Like many business owners you probably want to make the most profit you can with a compromise on quality of service or food. With more and more competition for your customers attention there are a few things you can do to get the edge.

Knowing how your customers think will help you make those profit margins look a little healthier. There are a few small changes you can make today which will start making a difference.

A recent report from restaurant consultants who had been interviewed found re-designing your menu can improve your sales on average from 2 to 10 percent. OK, so it’s not ground breaking but worth considering and long term could generate massive profits for you.

The report highlighted the following methods as being the most effective:

1. Price Point Justification
Move your prices into your descriptions to avoid price-shopping by customers. Using the same typeface (or slightly smaller) and removing the £ sign can further help the customer focus on the product, not the price.

2. Item Placement
People most often remember and buy the first two items or the last menu item in each menu category. Place your menu items with the highest gross profit in these spots on the menu.

3. Boxing
Impact 10 to 15 percent of the space on your menu by boxing menu items. As a general rule box one out of every 8 to 10 items. Boxes draw attention and usually get orders, so its best to use them on high-profit items. Too many boxes creates clutter and defeats their ‘attention getting’ purpose.

4. Page Positioning
On three-panel (page) menus, people most often look at the centre panel first, and then move counter clockwise. On two-panel (page) menus people most often look at the top right-hand side first. Consider putting your high profit items such as specials or specialty drinks in these spots.

5. Hospitality Symbols and Icons
Stars, bullets, or other food symbol icons can make your menu unique and draw attention to menu items that you would prefer to sell. Graphics can set items apart and increase sales on those items as much as 15 percent. (Be careful with the ubiquitous Heart symbol that usually  denotes ‘heart-healthy’ as people have learned to translate that into ‘tastes awful’.)

6. Hold the Hyperbole
Keep food descriptions short because only one third of your menu is actually read. Use wherever possible ‘word pictures’ rather than lengthy descriptions. And do not fear white space – it allows the eyes to pause and rest.

7. Showcasing
Highlight types of foods by including menu headings such as “Fresh Pasta” or “Our Specialties” rather than using generic terms such as Entrees.

8. Know your customers
If your customers are mostly over 50, keep the typeface (font) large enough to read in dim lighting and the design uncluttered. If you’re a family style restaurant, make your menus appealing to children by including colourful artwork, unusual fonts, and lots of boxed items. A white tablecloth setting calls for a more understated, simple yet tasteful design including a good quality paper stock.

9. Menu Inserts
Brand your restaurant by offering a specials menu insert that creates a sense of “You can only get this here”. Menu inserts also give your servers something to talk about and keep your menu fresh. Additionally, you can use them to promote high profit specials or new items that could eventually move onto the regular menu.

10. Keep your menus clean
Customers often associate a dirty menu with a dirty kitchen. They may not walk out this time, but they are less likely to return if your menu isn’t clean and sharp. So keep your menus clean by using protective menu covers that can be washed or replaced.

With these 10 tips alone you will present your restaurant in a much more concerning perspective for your customers. This is something you should consider doing. After all your customers are paying the bills.

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